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Does your roof have big ugly streaks on it, black staining, or moss growing on it? Before thinking you might have to replace your roof which could cost you a bundle, get one of our expert roof cleaners to come out and make your roof shine again!  Getting your roof washing done by a pro will keep it functioning properly, increase curb appeal, as well as maintain property value! Plus you will increase the life of your roof with proper cleaning.  You have nothing to lose by calling today to get your roof cleaned.   Our roof cleaning company has the tools, experience and skills for the job, plus all our products are bio-degradable & environmentally friendly! So give us a call for a free quote today! 


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Greater Boston Roof Washing Pros - At Your Service

In this day and age, owning a home is a huge accomplishment. And it takes work to be able to maintain a home, and of course you want to make sure that it stays in tip-top shape to keep its value!  One of the ways to make sure your house continues to be both safe and attractive, as well as helping your roof to last and be energy-efficient is by making sure to invest in roof-cleaning every 5 years or so.  And if you’re looking for "roof cleaning near me" available in Massachusetts, then our Expert Roof Cleaners have you covered! We service Greater Boston, North Shore, South Shore and Metrowest!

**Did you know that your homeowners insurance company can move to cancel your policy if they find your roof has moss or mold on it? Maintaining your roof by having moss and stains removed ensures that you keep your policy! Call us today if your are overdue for a roof cleaning! 

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Why Get Your Roof Cleaned?

Did you know that up to 50% of homeowners across the United States end up replacing their roof at some point?  Roof replacements can cost thousands of dollars… anywhere from $8,000 to $35,000!  A roof cleaning, on the other hand, is only a fraction of that cost, and helps to prevent the type of cosmetic or structural damages that spur homeowners to look into replacements.  Of course when your roof is quite old and has structural damage, you should probably look into replacing it.  But if not, it's definitely in your best interest to hire a roof cleaning service first, simply to maintain longevity for your roof. 

Roof cleaning is a process that involves soft-pressure washing using a special cleaning solution that kills any unwanted biomass growth in or around the shingles.  The service also helps to clean off any stains or dirt that may have developed over the years.  There are many New England roof cleaners to choose from, but with our roof cleaning contractors you can rest assured that the job will get done quickly, efficiently, and affordably.



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Benefits of a Clean Roof

Roof cleaning is an important service not only because it keeps your home looking its best, but because it also helps keep your house safe and structurally sound. Regular roof cleaning can help stop the growth of bacteria, lichen, or algae that feed off of the organic material in your shingles.  If left unchecked, these types of growth can deteriorate your shingles, which will lead to various types of rot, water damage, etc.  These growths can also cause shingles to lift or break.  Roof cleaning will prevent the development and spread of mold throughout your home.  Mold can appear in any space that is dark and humid, and is common in Massachusetts' climate.  At best, mold spores that get a foothold inside your home can cause hayfever-like symptoms such as runny noses, itchy eyes, and skin rashes.  Mold may also cause more severe allergic reactions in certain people.  If it spreads across a large area under your roof or gets into the heating and ventilation systems of your home, it can require a specialized contractor to clear it out.  Regular roof cleaning will stop the development/spread of mold, saving you a time-consuming and costly headache down the road.

​Apart from being more cost-effective than a replacement, roof cleaning also helps save you money in other ways.  A clean roof will be able to reflect sunlight more effectively, which means reduced energy costs during the warm summer months.  Additionally, keeping your roof in good condition means that you won’t be at risk of losing your homeowner’s insurance.  And if you’re ever planning on moving or reselling your home, investing in regular roof cleaning will help to keep your property values high.

What Can Be Cleaned Off A Roof?

Roof washers generally focus on removing three main types of growth from your shingles:  algae, bacteria, and lichen.  The black streaks that you sometimes see on rooftops isn’t actually the result of pollution or smog, but is actually the growth of a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma.  These growths generally require special cleaning solutions in order to kill them completely and avoid hurting your roof in the process.  Depending on the area you live in, your roof can also become dirty or discolored from accumulating soil/dirt from the air or weather.  Staining from frequent rainstorms is common.  Unlike algae or bacteria, soil is generally pretty easy to wash off of shingles, but should still be handled by a professional in order to avoid damaging your roof. Look up in your browser "roof cleaning near me" and give us a call! 

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A Clean Roof Adds Great Curb Appeal!

Are you planning on putting your house on the market?  One great way to add a freshness and value is to get your roof cleaned before you list it!  Not only will it give potential buyers a great first impression, but it makes your home look younger and newer.  Consider hiring Expert Roof Cleaners to professionally clean your roof as part of your process when planning to show your home.  It can only benefit you! 

What Types Of Roofing Materials Can Be Cleaned?

The most common type of roofing used in the U.S. is asphalt shingles.  However, just about any type of roofing can be successfully treated using roof cleaning contractors:  asphalt, metal, cedar, limestone, ceramic, slate, etc.  Each material needs to be handled a little differently in order to prevent damage and get the most effective cleaning.  Attempting to clean your roof yourself is not a great idea.  Many homeowners end up damaging their roof shingles with pressure washing or too harsh chemicals.  Before you injure yourself or your roof, call the Expert Roof Cleaners today. 

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

How much is roof cleaning, anyway?  In general, a single roof cleaning depends on the size of your roof, the height, the amount of buildup, and the area you live in (closer to forests, overhanging trees, or the ocean, higher humidity index,  etc)  and the material of your shingles. There are numerous factors that help us price out each job, and we always aim for the most affordable pricing for roof cleaning for all of our customers. The cleaning solutions we utilize are top of the line, bio-degradable, and environmentally friendly, while still being highly effective in removing mold, moss, lichen, and staining.  We know you need to get it done, and work hard to price ourselves accordingly.  If your roof is in need of a good cleaning, our expert roof cleaning technicians will offer a free quote or estimate so that you know exactly how much the maintenance will cost.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Professional Roof Cleaning Service in Massachusetts?

Some people may think that they can take care of their roofs by taking a pressure washer to their shingles, but this is actually one of the worst things you can do if you want to keep your roof in top shape.  Sure, your roof may look nice and clean afterwards, but using a pressure washer will actually strip away the surface of your shingles, thereby taking years off of the lifespan of your roof.  It’s like exposing your roof to years of harsh weather in an extremely short period of time.

Roof cleaning specialists will use a soft-pressure cleaning method and a specialized solution that is designed to kill off any lichen, bacteria, or algae, rather than using force to strip it away.  Roof soft washing, as it is typically called, will not only ensures that your shingles won’t be damaged, but will also help prevent any dangerous growth from returning.

If you think it’s time to hire a roof cleaning company, you should make sure to always go with a company or contractor that is certified with the Roof Cleaning Institute of America.  It is also a good idea to check that the contractor uses a cleaning solution that is approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association, as well as shingle manufacturers; this ensures that the contractor isn’t using anything corrosive that could be damaging to your roof.

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Our expert Roof Cleaners clean and service many roofs both residential and commercial in the Greater Boston Area, and our services also extend to the South Shore and Metro-West areas. Call us today to see if we service your area. We look forward to cleaning your roof!

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