Tile Roof Cleaning Services Boston MA

tile roof cleaning

Terracotta tiles make for beautiful roofs; they are visually appealing and extremely popular for Spanish or Southwestern-style homes.  Terracotta tiles tend to reflect sunlight very well, which is excellent for homes located in warmer areas, and are also great at deflecting rain and moisture.  However, tile roofs do tend to stain or show wear-and-tear more quickly than other roofing materials, so regular cleanings are a must.

The best way to clean tile roofs is wash it using a low pressure setting with a special power washer; anything higher can strip layers off of the tiles and cause them to deteriorate more quickly.  The roof then needs to be treated with a special cleansing solution made for clay tiles in order to kill off any biomass growth (like lichen, moss, or algae); normal detergents or bleach can be corrosive and eat away at the tiles.

In order to avoid damaging your home, it’s always best to hire a professional roof cleaning service in order to attend to the needs of your roof.  A professional company or contractor will have the equipment and training needed in order to properly clean stains, growths, and debris from your roof without breaking or stripping any of the tiles.  Annual roof cleaning is very important for terracotta tiles, not just to maintain the visual attractiveness of your home, but to ensure that your roof stays functional and safe for as long as possible.

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